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Greetings! Here is our latest installment (distributed Tuesday evening, November 28, 2017) of the Reverse Auction of magic books, media, catalogs and memorabilia. Remember, once listed, prices go DOWN by approximately 10% each week a new list is published and the item remains on the list. If you see something of interest, verify availability with an email query and we will respond with the total cost including shipping at standard and priority rates.

As always, we “GUARANTEE YOUR SATISFACTION” with all items we sell, or your money back! If you want to return an item for any reason, we offer a full refund of the purchase price. Payment options and other details are at the end of the listing.

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Ammar, Michael. THE COMPLETE CUPS AND BALLS. (Book) Tahoma, CA, L & L Publishing, 1998. First edition. 172pp., illus., bibliog., 4to. Cloth in dust jacket. Near Fine. Now offered at $50.00

Ammar, Michael. THE COMMAND PERFORMANCE – PREMIER ISSUE, THE COMMAND PERFORMANCE – ENCORE I – ISSUE TWO and ENCORE II – NUMBER THREE OF THE COMMAND PERFORMANCE SERIES. (Three-Book Set) Morgantown, The Secret Service, 1980. 32pp., 28pp. and 44pp. respectively, illus., 4to. Side-stapled in wraps. Fine. Now all three offered as a lot at $40.00.

Ammar, Michael. VISUALLY YOURS: A SIMPLE, YET POWERFUL ROUTINE FOR LAYMEN. (Booklet and Gimmicked Card) Bluefold, WV, Secret Service, 1981. 6pp., illus., 8vo. Wraps in original envelope. Includes gaffed card. VG. Now offered at $12.00

[Ammar, Michael] EASY TO MASTER THREAD MIRACLES, VOLUMES 1 – 3. (Videocassette set) New – still shrink-wrapped. As a set. Set retails for $100.00, now only $60.00

Burger, Eugene. THE PERFORMANCE OF CLOSE-UP MAGIC. (Book) New York, Richard Kaufman and Alan Greenberg, 1987. First edition. 135pp., illus., 4to. Cloth in dust jacket. Former owner name label; some underlining on contents page and several other pages throughout; o/w VG+. Now offered at $30.00

Caslant, E. THE METHOD FOR DEVELOPING SUPERNORMAL POWERS. (Book) London, Instant Improvement, Inc., 1988. 44pp., 8vo. Wraps. Some underlining in the preface. Rubbed lightly along back of spine. Now offered at $12.00

Farelli, Victor. JOHN RAMSAY’S CYLINDER AND COINS INCLUDING A SERIES OF COIN MANIPULATIONS DEVISED BY JOHN RAMSAY AND DESCRIBED IN THE MINUTEST DETAIL. (Book) Ayr, John Ramsay,1948. First edition. 36pp., illus., 8vo. Pictorial wraps. Fine. Now offered at $45.00

Fuller, Uriah (Martin Gardner). CONFESSIONS OF A PSYCHIC. (Book) Teaneck, NJ, Karl Fulves, 1975. 41pp., 8vo. Wraps – green cover. Fine. Offered at $40.00

Fulves, Karl. NOTES FROM UNDERGROUND – CARD TRICKS BY KARL FULVES. (Book),(Teaneck), Gutenberg Press, 1973. 61pp., illus., 8vo. Wraps. Fine. Now offered at $25.00

Fulves, Karl. PARALLEL LINES – NOTES AND TRICKS USING THE PARALLEL PRINCIPLE. (Book) Teaneck, Karl Fulves, 1980. 61pp., illus., 8vo. Wraps. Fine. Now offered at $25.00

[Houdini] THE HOUDINI SOUVENIR PROGRAM. (Facsimile Program) Pomeroy, OH, Lee Jacobs Productions, 1979. (facsimile reproduction of 1925 program). 16pp. + new covers with added material, illus., 4to. Saddle stapled in wraps. VG+. Now offered at $20.00

Kenner, Chris with additional comments by Dan Garrett. THREEFLY – KILLER COINS ACROSS FROM THE MIND OF CHRIS KENNER. (Book), China Productions and Dan Garrett, 1991. 11pp., illus., 8vo. Wraps. Near fine. Now offered at $10.00

Kraig, Donald Michael. THE TRUTH ABOUT PSYCHIC POWERS. (Book) St. Paul, Llewellyn Publications, 1992. 28pp. (+2pp. ads), 8vo. Wraps. Former owner name label, o/w VG. Now offered at $10.00

Malmros, Gert. COIN ASSEMBLY and THE JUMPING COINS. (Two Book Set) Molndal, Sweden, Gert Malmros, 1980. Translation by Staffan Nordmark. 8pp. each, illus., 8vo. Wraps. VG+. Both offered as a lot at $12.00

Schneider, Al. OFF. (Book) Al Schneider, 1975, (24pp.), illus., 8vo. Wraps. Very lightly soiled on covers. Now offered for $20.00

Zaleta, Lex. A DEMONSTRATOR’S DREAM PART 1, A DEMONSTRATOR’S DREAM PART 2, and A DEMONSTRATOR’S DREAM PART 3. (Three- Book Lot) Clark’s Summit, Mister Z Magic Enterprises, 1978 and 1980. 20/22/22pp. respectively, illus., 8vo. Wraps. Tips, bits and techniques for magic demonstrators. Some underlining, but o/w VG. Sold as a lot. Offered at $20.00


Hoffmann, Professor (Angelo John Lewis). MODERN MAGIC, A PRACTICAL TREATISE ON THE ART OF CONJURING. (Vintage Book) New York, George Routledge, n.d. Martinka Shop Label is pasted over the publication imprint, but the is the “American Edition”. 563pp., illus., 8vo. Light brown pictorial cloth with black and gold stamping. Cover shows a bit of wear with mild fraying along front spine edge; front hinge is “going” and rear hinge is gone, but can still be repaired with cloth hinge tape; former owner property stamp inside front cover; o/w a good copy internally and complete. Now offered at $36.00

Morris, E.W. “Bud”. MAGIC IN THE MORRIS MANOR. (Inscribed/Signed Book) Oakland, Morris Magic & Associates, 1974. 128pp., illus., 8vo. Blue cloth. Inscribed to former owner by “Bud” Morris – 4-11-77. A Fine copy. Now offered at $12.00

Powers, Michael. POWERFUL MAGIC. (Inscribed/Signed Book) Rolling Praire, IN, Michael Powers, 1983. 104pp., illus., 4to. Perfect bound in wraps. Inscribed to Thomas. Fine. Now offered at $14.00
Sharpe, Alton (Comp). EXPERT CARD MYSTERIES – SLEIGHT-OF-HAND WITH CARDS SINGLY EXPLAINED AND ILLUSTRATED. (Special Edition Book), Alton Sharpe, 1971. First edition of a limited deluxe edition. 195pp., illus., 8vo. Green cloth with black stamping. Contents page has a check mark and one item underlined and there is some underlining on pp. 37-38; o/w VG+. Now offered at $73.00


Ammar, Michael. Encore III (Book) Bluefield, Secret Service,1983. First edition. (stated) 91pp. illus., cloth in dj. Near fine. Now offered at $7.00
[Ammar, Michael] ASPEN BAR MAGIC SPECIAL OF THE MAGICAL ARTS JOURNAL. (Periodical– ADB/SAF #41855) Volume III, No. 1-5. Austin, TX, 1990. 80pp., illus., 4to, wraps. Former owner name label; o/w VG+. Now offered at $10.00

[Ammar, Michael] MAGICAL ARTS JOURNAL – ARCANE DOUBLE ISSUE. (Periodical – ADB/SAF #41855) Magical Arts Journal. Volume Two: No. 7 & 8. Austin, TX. 32pp., illus., 4to. Wraps. Near fine. Now offered at $5.00

[Ammar, Michael] MAGICAL ARTS JOURNAL PRESENTS PAUL HARRIS THE ACT. (Periodical– ADB/SAF #41855) Magical Arts Journal. Volume Two: No. 9, 10, 11, 12. Austin, TX, 1989. 64pp., illus., 4to. Wraps. Former owner name label, o/w VG+. Now offered at $16.00

[Ammar, Michael] MAGICAL ARTS JOURNAL – TRIPLE ISSUE. (Periodical– ADB/SAF #41855) Magical Arts Journal. Volume Two: No. 4, 5 & 6. Austin, TX, 1989. 48pp., illus., 4to. Wraps. Former owner name label, o/w near fine. Now offered at $10.00

[Ammar, Michael] CLASSIC RENDITIONS, VOLUME IV. (DVD) New – still shrink-wrapped. Retailed for $35.00, now only $14.00

Anderson, Harry and Turk Pipkin. GAMES YOU CAN’T LOSE – A GUIDE FOR SUCKERS. (Book) Short Hills, Burford Books, 2001. 161pp., illus., bibliog., 8vo. Paperbound. Slightly cocked, VG. Now offered at $6.00

Annemann, Theodore. PRACTICAL MENTAL EFFECTS – A COMPREHENSIVE COLLECTION OF THE BEST MENTAL TRICKS OF RECENT YEARS. (Book) New York, Tannen Magic, 1963. Second printing. 341pp., illus., 8vo. Red cloth with gold stamping. VG+. Now offered at $10.00

Ben, David. DAI VERNON: A BIOGRAPHY – ARTIST – MAGICIAN – MUSE – 1894-1941. (Book) Chicago, Squash Publishing, 2006. First edition. 366pp., illus., bibliog., index, 8vo. Cloth in dust jacket. Lightly rubbed on front of dj; o/w Near fine. Retails for $45.00, now offered at $23.00

Bergeron, Bev. WILLARD THE WIZARD. (Book), Lake Cane Publications,1978. First edition. 156pp., iilus., eulogy, index, 4to. Brown leatherette w/gilt lettering in dj. With contributions by Frances–Willard’s daughter and assistant. Fine. Now offered at $41.00

Braco (Ralf Wichmann). THE INVISIBLE THREAD BOOK. (Book) London, Martin Breese Limited, 1984. Second edition. 80pp., illus., 8vo. Pictorial wraps. As new. Now offered at $41.00

Britland,, David. CARD KINETICS. (Book) London, Martin Breese, 1988. Second edition. 42pp., illus. 8vo. Wraps.. Lacks cards originally distributed with the item. VG+. Now offered at $7.00.

Busby Jeff and Others. LARRY JENNINGS ON CARD AND COIN HANDLING. (Book) Oakland, Busby Enterprises, 1977. Second edition. 67pp., illus., 8vo. Plastic comb bound. Former owner label, o/w VG, Now offered at $8.00

Christopher, Milbourne. HOUDINI: A PICTORAL BIOGRAPHY. (Book) New York, Gramercy Books, 1998. 218 pp., more than 250 illus., bibliog., index., 4to. Cloth in DJ. VG+. Now offered at $18.00

Christopher, Milbourne, and Maurine Christopher. THE ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF MAGIC. (Book) New York, Carroll and Graff, 2006. Updated edition. 514pp., illus., bibliog., index, 4to. Paperbound. New, but shopworn thumbed. Retails for $28.00, now only $14.00

Erdnase, S.W. THE EXPERT AT THE CARD TABLE – THE CLASSIC TREATISE ON CARD MANIPULATION. (Book) New York, Dover, 1995. Foreword by Martin Gardner. 130pp., illus., 8vo. Paperbound. As new. Offered at $7.00

Fields, Eddie and Michael Schwartz. INVISIBLE SECRETS REVEALED. (Book), Michael Schwartz & S. David Walker Pub., 1978. 39pp., illus., 8vo. Wraps. VG+. Now offered at $8.00

Ganson, Lewis. THE COMPLETE GANSON MAGIC TEACH-IN SERIES. (Book) Tahoma, L&L Publishing, 2010. 570pp., illus., 4to. Cloth in dj. New – still shrink-wrapped. Retails for $80.00, now offered at $65.00

Ganson, Lewis. DAI VERNON’S TRIBUTE TO NATE LEIPZIG. (Book) London, Harry Stanley/Unique Magic Studio, n.d. (but with a Supreme label pasted over) First edition. 192pp., illus., 8vo. Blue pebbled cloth. Near fine. Now offered at $18.00

Ganson, Lewis. THE MAGIC OF SLYDINI. (Book) Bideford, Supreme Magic, n.d. 208pp., illus., 8vo. Red cloth. Dust jacket. Dj a bit roughed around top edge; o/w VG+. This copy now offered at $28.00
Garcia, Frank. THE REAL SECRETS OF THE THREE-BALL ROUTINES. (First Edition Book) New York, By the author, 1978. First edition. 91pp., illus., 8vo. Paperbound. A very nice, tight copy with some light wear/rubbing on the back cover; o/w Near Fine. Now offered at $72.00

Gibson, Walter B. THE COMPLETE ILLUSTRATED BOOK OF CLOSE-UP MAGIC: PROFESSIONAL TECHNIQUES FULLY REVEALED BY A MASTER MAGICIAN. (Book) New York, Doubleday, 1980. 426pp., illus., glossary, index, 4to. Cloth. Lacks the original Dust jacket, but is o/w Near Fine. Now offered at $36.00

[Grace, Adam] GLASS – ILLUSION WITH GLASS. (DVD) Ellusionist, 2005. Pre-owned. Now offered at $7.00

Gravatt, Glenn. GLENN GRAVATT’S TREASURE TROVE OF TRICKS. (Book) Oakland, Magic Limited/Lloyd E. Jones, 1971. 290pp., illus., 8vo. Pebbled cloth with gold stamping on the spine and front cover. Slight browning on the endpapers; o/w Fine. Now offered at $28.00

Harris, Ben. THE CROSSROADS DECK. (Book) Queensland, Media T Marketing, 2009. Foreword by Peter Duffie.34pp., illus., 4to. Stiff wraps. New. Retails at $35.00, now offered at $18.00

Horwitz, Basil. THE MENTAL MAGIC OF BASIL HORWITZ, VOLUME ONE. (Book) London, Martin Breese International, 2003. 63pp., illus., 8vo. Softbound. As new. Now offered at $10.00

Horwitz, Basil. THE MENTAL MAGIC OF BASIL HORWITZ, VOLUME TWO. (Book) London, Martin Breese International, 2003. 76pp., illus., 8vo. Softbound. As new. Now offered at $10.00

Jay, Joshua. MAGIC: THE COMPLETE COURSE. (Book with DVD) New York, Workman Publishing, 2008. 278pp., illus., index, 4to. Paperbound. New. Retails for $20.00, now offered at $8.00

Jensen, Jon. THE RISING CARD BOOK – 12 DYNAMITE RISING CARD EFFECTS. (Book), Magic Fun Factory, 1998. 42pp., illus., 4to. Plastic comb bound. As new. Retails at $24.00, now offered at $9.00

Johnson, Roy. THE ROY JOHNSON EXPERIENCE. (Book), Goodliffe, 1970. First edition. 76 pp., illus., 8. Cloth. Lacks a dust jacket; very light wear at the extremities; o/w VG+. Now offered at $20.00

Kaye, David. SERIOUSLY SILLY: HOW TO ENTERTAIN CHILDREN WITH MAGIC AND COMEDY. Washington, DC, Kaufman and Company, 2005. First edition. 163pp., illus., 4to. Cloth in dj. New. Retails for $52.00, now only $41.00

Lesley, Ted. PARAMIRACLES. (Book) (Trans. Bill Palmer and Oliver Erens) Seattle, Hermetic Press, 1994. First edition. 293pp., illus., 8vo. Cloth in dj. Very lightly worn dj; o/w Near Fine. Now offered at $32.00

Lutes, Jason and Nick Bertozzi with an introduction by Glen David Gold. HOUDINI – THE HANCUFF KING. (Juvenile Graphic Biography) New York, Hyperion Books/Center for Cartoon Studies, 2007. First edition. 89pp., illus., panel notes, 4to. Cloth in dj. Ex library copy, but otherwise VG. Now offered at $8.00

Marks, Tony. TONY MARKS: ARISTOCRAT OF DECEPTION. (Book) Jackson, MS, Express Printing, 2002. Edited by Bev Bergeron. 120pp., illus., 4to. Gold stamped cloth. Former owner name label; o/w Near fine. Now offered at $17.00

Marlo, Edward. MARLO IN SPADES. (Book) Chicago, Ireland Magic Company, 1964. 56pp., illus., 8vo. Wraps. Fine. Now offered at $6.00

Maxwell, Mike. MICHAEL SKINNERs ULTIMATE 3 CARD MONTE. (Book and Cards) Tahoma, L & L Publishing, 1990. Second edition. 20pp., illus., 8vo. Pictorial wraps. Includes specially printed cards in vinyl carrying case – all in original plastic packaging. As new. Now offered at $36.00

Miller, Hugh. AL KORAN’S LEGACY. (First Edition Book) London, Repro71, 1972. First edition. 180pp., illus., 8vo. Black cloth in very nice dust jacket. A Near Fine copy of this first edition. We’ll sell this one for $68.00

Miller, Hugh. A POCKETFUL OF MIRACLES. (Book) London, Harry Stanley, n.d. 128pp., illus., index, 8vo. Red cloth. A fine copy. Now offered at $14.00

Miller, Hugh (ed.) RINK’S MAGIC FROM HOLLAND. (Book) London, Harry Stanley, n.d. 255pp., illus., index, 8vo. Rebound in black pebbled cloth with gold stamping on the spine. Copies on AbeBooks are offered in the $50-100.00 range w/o the nice binding, but this copy now offered for only $41.00

Neale, Robert E. IMPOSSI-BILL BRAID. (Book and DVD) Humble, H & R Magic Books, 2008. 22pp., illus., 4to. Wraps. DVD tipped in and errata sheet laid in. New, but bumped on lower corner. Now offered at $10.00

Nelson, Earl. VARIATIONS. (Book) Los Angeles, Mark Wilson Publications, 1979. 137pp., illus., 8vo. Maroon cloth. Rubbed lightly along front edge of spine and scuffed a bit at lower extremities, but overall VG+. Now offered at $41.00

[Niedzwiecki, Russ] PINNACLE – RING AND 1 BAND – THE CROWN JEWEL OF IMPROMPTU RUBBER BAND EFFECTS. (DVD) Bell Productions, 2003. As new. Now offered at $16.00

O’Brien, Obie. THE FFFF Book. (Book) Humble, TX, H & R Magic Books, 2012. First edition. 325pp., illus., 8vo. Stamped cloth. New – still shrink-wrapped. Now offered at $32.00

Osterlind, Richard. RICHARD OSTERLIND’S MIND MYSTERIES GUIDE BOOK – VOLUME 6: MIND MYSTERIES TOO THE POWER OF PRESENTATION. (Book) (Colchester, CT) Osterlind Mysteries, 2011. First edition. 121pp., illus., 8vo. Paperbound. New. Retails for $30.00, now offered at $12.00

Ouellet, Gary. CLASS ACT: THE MAGIC OF TONY BINARELLI. (Book) Longueuil, QC Camirand Academy of Magic, 1991. First edition. 197pp., illus., 8vo. Cloth in dj. Former owner name label; o/w as new. Now offered at $12.00

Packard, Mary and the Editors of Ripley Entertainment. RIPLEY’S BELIEVE IT OR NOT – SPECIAL EDITION. (Book) New York, Scholastic Inc., 2001. 144pp., illus., index, 4to. Pictorial boards. A potpourri of the peculiar. Cover has two small nicks at the foot of the spine, o/w VG+. Now offered at $10.00

Powers, Michael. TOP SECRET STUFF: THE CLOSE-UP MAGIC OF MICHAEL POWERS. (Book) Laporte, IN, Michael Powers, 1990. First edition. 172pp., illus., 4to. Cloth in dj. Near fine. Currently offered on ABE Books at $75.00, this one now only $23.00

Rauscher, William V. THE MIND READERS: MASTERS OF DECEPTION. (Book) Woodbury, NJ, Mystic Light Press, 2002. First edition. 172pp., illus., index, 4to. Stamped boards in dj. Dj a bit rubbed and worn at extremities with one small closed tear at top of front cover; o/w VG+. Now offered at $20.00

Reum, Dr. Earl L. and Lindsay E. Smith. COMMUNICATING WITH MAGIC: THE SPEAKER’S GUIDE TO MAGIC, THE MAGICIAN’S GUIDE TO SPEAKING (including the complete text of Earl Reum’s MAGIC FOR THE CIVIC CLUB. (Book) Littleton, CO, Reum & Smith Books, 2002. 103pp., illus., 8vo. Paperbound. Now offered at $10.00

[Sankey, Jay] 3 RING CIRCUS (DVD and props) As new. Retails for $40.00…now only $17.00

Scot, Reginald. THE DISCOVERIE OF WITCHCRAFT. (Book) New York, Dover, 1972. 282pp., illus., 4to. This is the Dover edition, but has been nicely rebound in black pebbled cloth with gold stamping on the spine—the Dover title is affixed to the front cover. Very nicely done. Now offered at $28.00

Sharpe, Alton C. EXPERT HOCUS POCUS. (Book) New York, Louis Tannen, 1973. 173pp., illus., 8vo. Paperbound in bright red and black covers. Cover shows light wear; o/w VG. Now offered at $9.00

[Stiff, Rob] DO YOU WANT TO LEVITATE…? (DVD) Rob Stiff, 2002. Now offered at $9.00
Thompson, J.G. Jr. THE LIVING END – OVER 200 DIFFERENT IMPROMPTU TAKE-A-CARD Trick ENDINGS. (Book) Norwood, Haines House of Cards, 1970. First edition, 165pp., illus., 12mo. Wraps. Former owner bookplate; o/w near fine. Now offered at $10.00

Thompson, J. G. Jr. THE MIRACLE MAKERS – SOME BOULEVARDS TO ENCHANTMENT. (Book) Oakland, Magic Limited – Lloyd E. Jones, 1975. 306pp., illus,. 8vo. Gold stamped cloth boards. VG+. Now offered at $12.00

Wagner, J. C. 7 SECRETS. (Inscribed/Signed Book) Tahoma, L&L Publishing, 1990. 59pp., illus., 8vo. Wraps. Inscribed to former owner. VG+. Now offered at $12.00

[Wonder, Tommy] TOMMY WONDER: VISIONS OF WONDER, VOLUMES 1-3. (DVDs) All three DVDs as a set. Volume one has been opened, but appears as new; Volumes 2 and 3 are still shrink-wrapped. Retailed for $105.00 ($35 each), now all three as a set for only $61.00

[Yedid, Meir] MEIR YEDID’S FINGER FANTASIES. (DVD) New – still shrink-wrapped. Now only $14.00

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