Reverse Auction

Greetings—and we hope all of our US customers had a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend! Here is our latest installment (distributed Monday evening, May 28, 2018) of the Reverse Auction of magic books, media, catalogs, tricks and memorabilia. We have several new items and some great prices on previously listed items. Remember, once listed, prices go DOWN by approximately 10% each week a new list is published and the item remains on the list. If you see something of interest, verify availability with an email query and we will respond with the total cost including shipping at standard and priority rates.

As always, we “GUARANTEE YOUR SATISFACTION” with all items we sell, or your money back! If you want to return an item for any reason, we offer a full refund of the purchase price. Payment options and other details are at the end of the listing.

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Asher, Lee. LE ASHER. (Lecture Notes), Lee Asher, 1999. 16pp., illus., 8vo. Wraps. VG+. Now offered at $10.00

Ben, David. THE FRINGE. (Book) Islington, Ontario, David Ben, 1985. 24pp., bibliog., 8vo. Wraps. Near fine. Now offered at $12.00

Benzais, J. THE BEST OF BENZAIS. (Book) Norwood, OH, Haines House of Cards, n.d. 62pp., illus., 8vo. Red wraps. Near fine. Now offered at $12.00

Boley, Col. Bill. VENTRILO-MAGIC – HOW TO COMBINE MAGIC AND VENTRILOQUISM. (Book) Littleton, Maher Ventriloquist Studios, 1977. 44pp., illus., 8vo. Wraps. VG+. Now offered at $10.00

[Cards] WHAT’S WRONG? PLAYING CARDS. (Two-deck Set) Hempstead, Y & B Associates, 1993. Red clubs and spades, black hearts and diamonds, one-ey5d queens and much more. Includes a 24pp. booklet detailing the discrepancies. New – still sealed. Offered at $12.00

Casaubon, Dr. George E. DECEPTIONS WITH A SHORT CARD. (Book) Colon, Abbott’s Magic Novelty Company, n.d. 56pp., illus., 8vo. Wraps. Former owner name inside front cover. Fine. Now offered at $10.00

Dobson, Wayne and Stephen Tucker. DOBSON’S CHOICE. (Three-Book Set) The original DOBSON’S CHOICE, DOBSON’S CHOICE 2 – THE SEQUEL, and DOBSON’S CHOICE 3 – THE FINAL CUT. Wayne Dobson, 2002 and 2004.18pp. each (54pp. total), illus.,8vo. All three in colorful pictorial wraps. As new. Now offered as a set at $28.00

Hugard, Jean. THE MAGIC ANNUAL FOR 1937 – MAGIC AND ILLUSIONS. (Book) New York, Max Holden, 1937. 140pp. (+ads), illus., 8vo. Redish cloth. Shows wear at extremities; former owner blind stamp; o/w VG. Now offered at $16.00

Hummer, Bob. Six Hummers. (Six-Booklet Set – Plus) Set of six Hummer Booklets, including: 3 TRICKS NEW EASY TO DO; SIX-TRIX FOR 1944; BOB HUMMER’S 3 PETS; BOB HUMMER’S MATHEMATICAL 3 CARD MONTE; HUMMER’S LITTLE STRANGER; THOTOGRAPHY. Houston, Frank Werner, various dates 19403 and ‘50’s. Plus IT’S MURDER THE BAFFLING DETECTIVE MYSTERY GAME by Frank Werner. Props and instructions in original envelope. All seven items in VG condition. Offered as a lot at $40.00

ILLUSION COINS. (Coins and DVD) From MagicMakers. Silver dollar-sized replicas (coins and shell) with the “feel” of silver dollars – and complete instructions. Retail at $48.00, now offered at $42.00

James, Stewart (compiler) ABBOTT’S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ROPE TRICKS. (Book) Colon, Abbott’s Magic Novelty Co., n.d. 400 pp., illus., 8vo. Dark green cloth. No dust jacket (as issued), but o/w a nice tight copy; VG+. Now offered at $16.00

Karmilovich, Ted. THOUGHTS FROM VEGAS. (Lecture Notes) Marlboro, Ted Karmilovich, 2011. 8pp., illus., 4to. Plastic comb bound. Now offered at $22.00

Kaye, Marvin. THE HANDBOOK OF MAGIC. (Book) New York, Dorset Press, 1989. 324pp., illus., bibliog., 8vo. Cloth and boards in dust jacket. Former owner name on front end paper, o/w near fine. Now offered at $12.00

[Leval, Lewis] PAINT THE ROSES RED. (DVD), 2012. New. Now offered at $16.00

Maurice, The Amazing (Morris Cohen). MAGICAL GLOOPS AND NANNYGOATS. (Book) Calgary, Michael P. Hades, 1966. 63pp., illus., 8vo. Wraps. Seldom seen collection of magic related anecdotes and cartoons. VG. Now offered at $10.00

Maven, Max and Michael Weber. THE BLACK BOOK OF MENTALISM – WITH ADDITIONAL NOTES BY MICHAEL WEBER. (Book), published by the author, 2015. 19pp., 8vo. In black wraps. Still sealed. Now offered at $36.00

Menotti, Francis. MATERIALISTIC. (Trick) Coin penetration. Gimmick and complete instructions. Now offered at $12.00

Samelson, Peter and Bill Abbott. PHOENIX. (Gimmicks and DVD) The complete Pro Pack with three routines, gimmicks and ashes substance and transfer techniques. Sold out and unavailable from many dealers, but this open, but unused set now offered at the original retail price of $60.00

SILENT ASSISTANT. (Gimmick and Online Instructions) From SansMinds. New. Retails at $50.00 – now offered at $45.00

Spill, Steve. THE SPILL BAR AND GRILLE (Book) Fort Lauderdale, Paul Diamond, 1980. Paul Diamond’s Gems of Magic Series. 80pp., illus., 8vo. Wraps. Near Fine. Now offered at $8.00

Steinmeyer, Jim. SUBSEQUENT IMPUZZIBILITIES: STILL MORE STRANGELY SELF-WORKING CONJURING. (Book) Burbank, CA, Hahne, 2010. 38pp., illus., wide 12mo. Wraps. New. Retails for $16.00, now only $14.00

Steinmeyer, Jim. ENSUING IMPUZZIBILITIES: STILL MORE STRANGELY SELF-WORKING CONJURING. (Book) Burbank, CA, Hahne, 2013. 44pp., illus., wide 12mo. Wraps. New. Retails for $16.00, now only $14.00

Steinmeyer, Jim. TREACHEROUS IMPUZZIBILITIES: STILL MORE STRANGELY SELF-WORKING CONJURING. (Book) Burbank, CA, Hahne, 2014. 42pp., illus., wide 12mo. Wraps. New. Retails for $19.00, now only $17.00

Steinmeyer, Jim. DEVILISH IMPUZZIBILITIES: STILL MORE STRANGELY SELF-WORKING CONJURING. (Book) Burbank, CA, Hahne, 2015. 36pp., illus., wide 12mo. Wraps. New. Retails for $19.00, now only $17.00


Bailey, S. Wilson and Harold A. Osborne. WRINKLES – A FEW SUGGESTIONS AND INNOVATIONS. (Vintage Book) Cambridgeport, Bailey &Tripp, 1910. 62pp. (+ads), illus., 8vo. Bound in covered boards. Colorful red and white bookplate from Newmann The Great Hypnotist and Mind Reader affixed inside front cover adds interest. Residue paste along gutter on title page; o/w VG+. Now offered at $30.00

HOW TO GIVE CONJURING AND OTHER ENTERTAINMENTS AT HOME. (Vintage Book) London, James Henderson & Sons, n.d. 64pp., illus., 8vo. Red and black printed pictorial wraps. Soiled with some chipping and wear at all edges and corners; o/w VG for this vintage piece. Purportedly from the Milbourne Christopher Collection, but no real markings to indicate such other than markings on the packaginging board. Now offered at $25.00

Schwartz, Walter A. CIGAM – CONURING, ILLUSIONS, GIMMICKS, ART, MYSTERY. (Signed/Inscribed Book) Hartford., by the author, 1931. 62pp., illus., 8vo. Wraps. Late 1920’s stars with photos and contributor bios along with some pet secrets. Inscribed to David Price by the author. Has David Price Egyptian Hall Museum stickers on two pages. Lightly worn at extremities; o/w quite good. Now offered at $25.00

[Wehman Brothers Publishing] HERMANN’S ART OF MAGIC. (Vintage Book) New York, Wehman Brothers, nd. 91pp. (+ads), illus., 12mo. Light blue pictorial wraps. Lightly soiled with some minor chipping and wear at the edges; o/w VG+ for this vintage of pulp. From the John McArdle (1897-1983) Collection with his bookplate. Now offered at $25.00


[Abbott’s Magic Novelty Company] CATALOG NO. 7 and CATALOG NO. 9. (Two-book lot) Two great catalogs from one of the largest mail order houses and manufacturers of magic apparatus in the U.S. from the Percy Abbott years (1933-1959) NO. 7 from 1943 with 640pp. and NO. 9 from 1947 with 832pp. Both catalogs are in VG condition and offered as a lot for only $22.00

Alexander, Scott. SIGNATURE INVISIBLE DECK. (DVD and Gimmick) Alexander Illusions, 2015. Comes with DVD Training, Sharpie and The Invisible Deck. Simply add a regular deck and your signature and you are all set. As new. Offered at $49.00
Atmore, Joseph. DUNNINGER’S BRAIN BUSTERS. (Book) Humble, TX, H & R Magic Books, 2001. 111pp., illus., notes, 8vo. Cloth in dust jacket. New. Retails at $36.00, now offered at $16.00

[Auction Catalog] RANDOM TREASURES AUCTIONS (Two of Two-Auction Catalog) Auction of Magic and Allied Arts, January 10-31, 2007 and Auction of Significant Decorative Posters, Prints, Lithographs, Words on Paper and Original Art, January 23, 2006 in Hillsborough, NJ. 111pp. and 156pp. respectively, both printed in full color, 4to. Glossy wraps. Both offered as a lot at $16.00

Beam, Steve. SEMI-AUTOMATIC CARD TRICK. (Book) Raleigh, NC, Trapdoor Productions, 2003. Second edition. 171pp., illus., index, 4to. Cloth in dj. Fine. Now offered at $29.00

Beam, Steve. SEMI-AUTOMATIC CARD TRICKS: VOLUME TWO. (Book) Raleigh, NC, Trapdoor Productions, 2004. Second edition. 229pp., illus., index, 4to. Cloth in dj. As new, Now offered at $29.00

Beam, Steve. SEMI-AUTOMATIC CARD TRICKS: VOLUME III. (Book) Raleigh, NC, Trapdoor Productions, 2004. First. 239pp., illus., 4to. Cloth in dj. As new. Now offered at $29.00

Beam, Steve. SEMI-AUTOMATIC CARD TRICKS: VOLUME 4. (Book) Raleigh, NC, Trapdoor Productions, 2002. First. Edition. 264pp., illus., index, 4to. Cloth in dj. As new. Now offered at $29.00

Beam, Steve. SEMI-AUTOMATIC CARD TRICKS: VOLUME 5. (Book) Cary, NC, Trapdoor Productions, 2004. First. Edition. 256pp., illus., index, 4to. Cloth in dj. As new. Now offered at $36.00

Take all five Beam Semi-Automatic books above for only $137.00

Ben, David. DAI VERNON: A BIOGRAPHY – ARTIST – MAGICIAN – MUSE – 1894-1941. (Book) Chicago, Squash Publishing, 2006. First edition. 366pp., illus., bibliog., index, 8vo. Cloth in dust jacket. Lightly rubbed on front of dj; o/w Near fine. Retails for $45.00, now offered at $26.00

Bobo, J.B. THE NEW MODERN COIN MAGIC. (Book)) Chicago, IL, Magic, Inc., 1966. Revised and enlarged edition. 519pp., illus., bibliog., index, 4to. Blue cloth with gold stamping. Lacks dj; some; shows some use, but overall VG. Now offered at $14.00

[Bonsall, Dave – Prop Dog] BONSALL’S LITTLE BIRD!. (Trick – Gimmick) Prop with downloadable instructions from the Propdog website. Packaged in a 3” x’ 2” x 1” box. New. Now offered at $16.00

[Bonsall, Dave – Prop Dog] MINI MAGICIAN. (Tricks – Props) The Mini Magician comes with two decks of mini playing cards and four mini card boxes—all packed in a cassette sized plastic case. You also get The Mini Magician is designed to be used on your middle finger, so it can easily be removed in thumb palm and has been professionally injection molded from a tough plastic, so it should never break. Lots of possibilities. New. Now offered at $16.00

Brahams, Anthony and Mike Porstmann. KARL NORMAN: 40 YEARS AT THE FORKS. (Book) Suffolk, Anthony Brahams, 1995. 82pp., illus., 8vo. Pictorial boards. As new. Retails at $36.00, now offered at $20.00

Brandon, Arthur. MILO & ROGER: A MAGICAL LIFE. (Book) Seattle, WA, Hermetic Pr., 1999. First edition. 418pp., illus., 8vo. Cloth in dj. New – still shrink-wrapped. Now offered at $30.00

[Bratlie, Geir] INFUSION – ONE COIN, ONE GLASS, NO GIMMICKS. (DVD) Ellusionist, 2005. Has been opened and presumably viewed. only $8.00

Burger, Eugene. THE PERFORMANCE OF CLOSE-UP MAGIC. (Book) New York, Kaufman and Company, ©1987, but later edition (circa 1991). 135pp., illus., 4to. Pictorial boards. As new. Retails at $42.00, now offered at $32.00

Burger, Eugene. TEACHING MAGIC – A BOOK FOR STUDENTS AND TEACHERS OF THE ART. (Book) Theory and Art of Magic Press, 2018. 182pp., illus., 8vo. Cloth . Now – now offered at $29.00

CATAIN BILLY’S WHIZ BANG – AMERICA’S MAGAZINE OF WIT, HUMOR AND FILOSOPHY. (Single-Issue Magazine) Robinsdale, MN W.H. Fawcett. This is the Vol. II: No. 20 (May, 1921) of this magazine. 64pp., 12mo. 5.25” x 7.5” in pictorial wraps. Near fine condition. Now offered at $9.00

Cassidy, John and Michael Stroud. THE KLUTZ BOOK OF MAGIC. (Book with Props) Palo Alto, CA, Klutz, 1990. 88pp., illus., 8vo. Wire cmb bound. In original plastic envelope. Appears to be complete with all props. Near fine. Now offered at $5.00

Christopher, Milbourne. HOUDINI, A PICTORIAL LIFE. (Book) New York, Crowell Company, 1976. First edition. 218pp., illus., bibliog., 4to. Red cloth. Lacks a dust jacket; o/w a VG copy. Now offered at $18.00

CLOWNING AROUND. (Magazine Lot) Publication or The World Clown Associa.ion. Bill Knowles, et. al., Green Valley, IL, etc. Bi-monthly. Printed 8.5” x 11”. A miscellaneous run of 39 issues starting in August, 1995 thru October-November, 2002 (Volume 20: November 5). All 39 issues offered as a lot for $15.00

Davis, Richard Harding. VERA THE MEDIUM and MISS CIVILIZATION (A COMEDY IN ONE ACT). New York, Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1910. 215pp., illus. (frontis. only), 12mo. Burgundy cloth with gold stamping. Spine slightly faded, a few pages opened roughly, o/w a clean, tight copy. Now offered at $18.00

Dela, Steve, WILL TO READ. (DVD and Props) From Alakazam. Complete with custom designed printed gimmicks and training DVD. New. Now offered at $29.00

Desfor, Irving. GREAT MAGICIANS IN GREAT MOMENTS, A PHOTO ALBUM. (Book) Pomeroy, OH, Lee Jacobs Productions, 1983. 208pp., illus., 4to. Cloth in dj. New, burt dj is lightly rubbed from shelf wear. Retails for $90.00, now only $54.00

Dunninger, Joseph. DUNNINGER’S COMPLETE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MAGIC. (Book) London, Spring Books, n.d. 288pp., illus., 4to. Cloth/boards in dj. Dust jacket has minor scuffs/tears; o/w VG. Offered at $11.00

Elliott, Bruce. CLASSIC SECRETS OF MAGIC. (Book) New York, Galahad Books, 1973. 213pp., illus., glossary, index, 8vo. Boards in dj. Dust jacket has several small scuffs and nicks, but overall VG+. Now offered at $10.00

Fajuri, Gabe. LAURANT: THE MAN OF MANY MYSTERIES. (Book) Chicago, Squash Publishing, 2005. First edition. 136pp., illus., bibliog., index, 8vo. Cloth in dj. As new. Retails for $35.00, now offered at $20.00

Frailich, Ariel. CARD STORIES. (Book) Toronto, I Saw That!, 1997. 84pp., illus., 8vo. Pictorial boards. New. Retails new for $30.00, now only $16.00

Ganson, Lewis. THE ART OF CLOSE-UP MAGIC, VOLUME 1 and THE ART OF CLOSE-UP MAGIC, VOLUME 2. (Two-Book Set) London, Harry Stanley/Unique Magic Studio, n.d. 344pp./300pp., illus., 8vo. Volume 1 is blue buckram and Volume 2 is black buckram with gold stamping on the spine. Both hinges are gone on Volume 2 and it is loose in the binding, but if repaired with binder’s tape the set would rate VG+. Both offered as a set for only $54.00

Ganson, Lewis. THE MAGIC OF SLYDINI. (Book) London, Harry Stanley, n.d. 208pp., illus., 8vo. Reddish buckram with gold title stamping on spine. Some foxing on the end-papers; o/w VG. Now offered at $29.00

Ganson, Lewis. ROUTINED MANIPULATION (Three-Part Book Set) ROUTINED MANIPULATION, PART I. and ROUTINED MANIPULATION, PART II. New York, Tannen Magic, Inc., n.d. Second edition. 118pp./133pp., illus., 8vo. Wraps; and ROUTINED MANIPULATION, FINALE. New York, Louis Tannen, n.d. 254pp., illus., 8vo. Blue cloth. Minor wear at the corners and spine at the foot of the hardbound volume; the back cover of Part I is torn and missing (about 1.75” from the top); o/w VG. All three parts – offered as a set for $17.00

Ganson, Lewis. ZOMBIE – THE FLOATING BALL. (Book) Bideford, SupremeMagic Company, 1977. 35pp., illus., 8vo. Pictorial wraps. Fine copy. Now offered at $10.00

Gibson, Walter B. THE COMPLETE ILLUSTRATED BOOK OF CARD MAGIC: THE PRINCIPLES AND PROFESSIONAL TECHNIQUES FULLY REVEALED IN TEXT AND PHOTOGRAPHS. (Book) Garden City, Doubleday, 1969. 470pp., illus., glossary, index, 4to. Cloth. Slight stress pull at top of spine; o/w VG+. Now offered at $15.00

Goldenberg, Haim and Guy Bavli. BETWEEN TWO MINDS. (Three-DVD Set) Pro-Magic. 2006. As new. Retails for $120.00, get all three volumes now for $39.00

HARRY POTTER AND ORDER OF THE PHOENIX. (DVD) Warer Brothers, 2007. 139mins. Now offered at $12.00

HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE. (DVD) Warner Brothers, 2006. 157mins. Now offered at $12.00

Jayanti, Amber. TAROT FOR DUMMIES. (Book) New York, Hungry Minds, 2001. 334pp., illus., index, 8vo. Paperbound. As new. Now offered at $6.00

Johnson, Dirk. BITING THE DUST: THE WILD RIDE AND DARK ROMANCE OF THE RODEO COWBOY AND THE AMERICAN WEST. (Book) New York, Simon and Schuster, 1994. 239pp., 8vo. Cloth in dj. Ex library, o/w very good. Now offered at $10.00

Johnson, Stephanie. MY FIRST CUP, BALL & PAPER MAGIC TRICKS (Kid’s Magic Book). New York, SMITHMARK Publishers, 1992. 26pp., illus., 4to. Pictorial boards. New. Now offered at $7.00

Johnson, Stephanie. MY FIRST STRING & KNOT MAGIC TRICKS (Kid’s Magic Book). New York, SMITHMARK Publishers, 1992. 26pp., illus., 4to. Pictorial boards. New. Now offered at $7.00

Kaufman, Richard and Rene Lavand. THE MYSTERIES OF MY LIFE (Translation of SHUFFLING MEMORIES by Tina Lenert). Washington, DC, Kaufman and Company, 1998. First edition. 169pp., illus., 4to. Cloth in dj. As new. Offered at $18.00

[L&L PUBLISHING] CATALOG OF MAGIC. (Magic Catalog Lot) Operating out of Tahoma, CA by Louis Falanga. A large run of many of the annual catalogs of L&L book and media offerings. From what may be the first of their annual catalogs CATALOG OF BOOKS AND VIDEO TAPES (circa 1994) through CATALOG OF MAGIC 2003, plus the 2006 CATALOG. All are 8vo in wraps and range from 32pp to 131pp. and all are in full color except for the (1994) issue. All 11 issues are VG+ and unbound, loose issues. Offered as a lot for $20.00

Larsen, Milt. HOLLYWOOD ILLUSION: MAGIC CASTLE. (Book) Hollywood, Brookledge Corporation, 2000. First edition. 219pp., illus., 4to. Pictorial boards. New. Now offered at $10.00

LEGERDEMAIN (Magazine lot – ADB #3295) A mixed lot of 25 issues of this dealer house organ published by John Fabjance of Bethalto, Illinois in the late-1970’s to early 1980’s. Magazines are printed, 8.5 x 11 size. This lot includes: Volume1: Nos. 1-9 (Feb. ‘77 – Oct. ‘77) and No. 12 (Jan. 1978); Volume 2: Nos. 1-7 and No. 12; and Volume 3: No. 1, 5, 6, 9/10 and 11; plus V4 No. 1 and 2 (April 1981). The issues appear to be complete and in Good to VG+ condition. All issues as a lot for $7.00

[Linian, Alex] PAUL HARRIS PRESENTS PUNCTURE 2.0. (Trick) U.S. Quarter and Online instructions. Currently unavailable from many dealers. Now offered at $9.00

Lynch, Warren T. CULBERTSON FOR MORONS: A BRIDGE PRIMER. (Book) NY, The Bridge World, 1931. 80pp., illus. (Frank W. Peers), 8vo. Cloth/pictorial boards. Worn at extremities; upper face corner bumped; but still very good. Now offered at $9.00

M-U-M – NEW SERIES. (ADB/SFB #3435) Milbourne Christopher, et. al. New York City. Society of American Magicians. Monthly. These would make a great gift for a new SAM member or anyone that missed one of these volumes.
Volume 103: N 1 – 12 (June, 2013 – May, 2014). All 12 issues complete and fine. Offered as a lot only for $8.00
Volume 104: N 1 – 12 (June, 2014 – May, 2015). All 12 issues complete and fine. Offered as a lot only for $8.00

[Magic Collectors’ Association] PROGRAM OF THE TWENTY-FOURTH MEETING OF THE MAGIC COLLECTORS’ ASSOCIATION. (Souvenir Program) Guests of Honor William H. Brewe and Frank J. Herman. Quality Hotel Riverview: Greater Cincinnati, May 6th, 7th & 8th, 1993. Number 23 of 200 numbered with 250 printed. 36pp., illus., 4to. Pictorial wraps. Near fine. Now offered at $10.00

[Magic Set] THE GREATEST MAGIC SHOW ON EARTH. (Magic Kit) Top That! Magic Publishing, 2004, Briefcase magic kit. Complete with all tricks books, props, etc. in a 8.7 x 2,4 x 11 inches carrying case. As new. For some reason this seems to be offered from commercial sites at $99 and above, but would be happy to sell this one for a mere $21.00

Mello, Matt. PSYWARE. (Book) The Outer Mind, 2018. Limited to 200 first printing copies. 118pp., 8vo. Cloth with gold title and design stamping. New. Now offered for $61.00

[Mentalist’s Grab Bag]. Includes: Robert E. Cassidy’s PRINCIPIA MENTALIA – AIR (1996, 56pp., 8vo.); ESP HANDBOOK AND WORKSHOP KIT (Ireland, 1963, 32pp.); Nelson’s MORE MIRACLES IN MENTALISMAND PSYCHIC EXPERIMENTATION (Nelson Enterprises, n.d., 34pp.); and Steve Shaw’s PSYCHOKINETIC TIME (Magic Inspirations, 1992, 24pp.). All four are 8vo in wraps and VG+ Offered as a lot for $20.00

[Meyer, David] MAGICBOOKS – NEW AND OLD. (Catalog /List Lot) Glenwood, IL, David Meyer Magic Books. A nice selection of seven catalogs and lists, including: #17 (1992), #18, #19, #20, #21, #22, #23 (1998). Great lists with fun descriptions. All are 8vo in wraps. All seven catalogs offered as a lot for $14.00

Minch, Stephen. THE NEW YORK MAGIC SYMPOSIUM – COLLECTION FIVE. (Book) New York, Symposium Productions, 1986. 160pp., illus., 4to. Yellow pictorial cloth. Text is in English and Japanese. Small dent on upper cover edge; o/w near fine. Now offered at $26.00
McKinven, John A. THE HANLON BROTHERS: THEIR AMAZING ACROBATICS, PANTOMINES AND STAGE SPECTACLES. (Book) Glenwood, IL, David Meyer Magic Books, 1998. 113pp., illus., 4to. Cloth in dj. As new. Retails for $40.00, now offered at $18.00

[Niedzwiecki, Russ] JUST PASSIN’ THRU. (Trick with DVD) Murphy’ s Magic Supplies, 2003. Includes props, instructions and DVD, As new. Now offered at $5.00

Ovette, Joseph. MIRACULOUS HINDU FEATS. (Book) Oakland, Llyod E. Jones, n.d. 15pp., illus., 8vo. Wraps. Slight discoloration around edges, o/w VG. Now offered at $6.00

[Penetration] STEEL BALL THRU PEN. (Trick with Props) No manufacturer’s ID or date on the props, instructions or packaging, but an interesting trick and presentation. (Bonus: a THINK PINK digital download access card—unrelated to the book–from Penguin Magic is laid in.) Now offered as a lot for $16.00

Racherbaumer, Jon. THE ASCANIO SPREAD. (Book) Oakland, Magic Limited/Lloyd E. Jones, 1980. Third edition. 35pp., illus., wraps. VG+. Now offered at $8.00

RICHARD’S ALMANAC. (Magazine File – ADB#5895) Richard Kaufman. New York. Monthly until 1985 and quarterly thereafter. Printed. 8.5 x 11. A near complete file from Volume One, Number One through Volume 3: Winter, 1985. Lacking only Volume 3, Fall issue of being a complete file. All are individual loose issues. As a lot. Now offered at $14.00

Sankey, Jay. THE VERY BEST OF JAY SANKEY, VOLUME 2. (DVD) L&L Publishing, 2002. VG+. Offered at $8.00

Saxon, Kurt. THE POOR MAN’S JAMES BOND. (Book) Harrison, Atlan Formularies, 1972. 146pp., illus., bibliog., index. 4to/Oversized. Paperbound. Some dampstain along bottom edges; o/w VG. Now offered at $6.00

Scarne, John. SCARNE ON CARD TRICKS. (Book) New York, Crown Publishers, 1969. Eight printing.308pp., illus., 8vo. Red cloth. Lacks dj; light wear at the extremities; o/w VG+. Now offered at $8.00

Seabrooke, Terry. SEABROOKE’S BOOK: AROUND THE WORLD WITH A BAKING TIN. (Book) Pasadena, Magical Publications, 1990. Second edition. 112pp., illus., 4to. Cloth in dj. Near fine. Now offered at $16.00

Sparks, Ron. CHRISTMAS MARKETING CAMPAIGN. (Book/Kit) Ellicott City, Specialty Marketing Company, 2002. 49pp. (+10pp. of original camera-ready art), illus., 4to. All packaged in a three-ring binder. New. Retails at $36.00, now offered at $10.00

[Supreme Magic Company] SUPREME – THE ULTIMATE MAGIC CATALOGUE, NUMBER 39. (Magic Catalogue) Bideford, Supreme Magic Company, 1992. 624pp., illus., 4to. Paperbound. Overall VG+. Now offered at $18.00

[Tarbell Course in Magic] Lorayne, Harry editing material from Tarbell. TARBELL COURSE IN MAGIC, VOLUME VII. (Book) New York, D. Robbins and Company, 1997. Seventh Printing. 409pp., illus., 8vo. Boards in dj. As new. Now offered at $16.00

Taylor, Rex, Will Ayling, Lewis Ganson and Fred Lowe, THE ENDLESS CHAIN.- MOVES, IDEAS, PATTER, PRESENTATIONS AND ROUTINES. (Book) Bideford, Supreme Magic, 1983.44pp., illus., 8vo. Wraps. VG+. Now offered at $12.00

Thurston, Howard. 400 TRICKS YOU CAN DO – TWO VOLUMES IN ONE. (Book) Garden City, NY, Blue Ribbon Books, Inc., 1940. (400pp.), illus., 8vo. Blue cloth boards. Shows some wear at extremities; page 153/154 is damaged, but fully readable; o/w VG. Now offered at $6.00

Time-Life Books. PSYCHIC POWERS. (Book) Mysteries of the Unknown series. Alexandria, VA, Time-Life Books, 1989. Third printing. 160pp., illus., bibliography, index, 4to. Pictorial cloth. Very good. Now offered at $7.00

Waldman, Carl and Joe Layden with Jamy Ian Swiss. THE ART OF MAGIC (The Companion to the PBS Special). (Book) Los Angeles, General Publishing Group, 1997. Foreword by Siegfried and Roy. Preface by Lance Burton. 256pp., illus., gloss., bibliog., index, 4to. Boards in dj. Very lightly roughed around edges; lightly bumped on lower corner of face; o/w VG. Offered elsewhere as new at $45.00, we’ll sell this one for only $16.00

Walstad, Bruce. CAUTION PRACTICAL JOKER AHEAD: A LIFETIME OF GAGS, STUNTS, PRACTICAL JOKES, TRICKS, PRANKS, STORIES AND OTHER ASSORTED NONSENSE. (Book) Littleton, CO, Street-Smart Communication, 2001. 102pp., illus., index, 8vo. Paperbound. As new. Now offered at $8.00

[Wild, Boris] THE BORIS WILD MARKED DECK PROJECT. (Two-DVD Set) Big Blind Media, 2017. New – still shrink-wrapped. Bow offered at $14.00

Zingg, Allen. SAM’S: AN ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE MAGIC OF SAM SCHWARTZ, VOLUME 1. (Book) New York, Magico Magazine, 2003. 229pp., illus., 4to. Cloth in dj. As new—now offered at $32.00

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