Magical Miscellany: Part 2

26525. Madden, Dave (comp.) THE JIM, VIC AND SHAG LECTURE NOTES. Hollywood, CA, Jim, Vic and Shag Productions, n.d. 10pp., illus., 4to. 8.5 x 11 sheets with butterfly fasteners. VG. 5.00

26525-a. [“Magic” in POPULAR MECHANICS] “There’s Magic in these Tricks”, section (5pp., illus.) by Byron G. Wels in POPULAR MECHANICS DO-IT-YOURSELF ENCYCLOPEDIA, VOLUME 9, New York, Hearst Corporation, 1968. Single volume only. VG+ 5.00

26528. Magic, Inc./Ireland Magic Co., Chicago, IL. 1926-63 as Ireland; 1963-present as Magic, Inc.

01. MAGIC INC. CATALOG LIBRARY. Early 1980’s. Box of 13+ catalogs. Book catalog 1 (House Lines), 2,3, & 4; 80’s New Magic Books; Catalog 23, Parts 1-7; TRICK TALK, flyers, order bl, etc. all in printed “MAGIC INC. CATALOG LIBRARY” box. VG+. 25.00
02. BOOK CATALOG (1973) 70pp., 8vo. Wraps. 6.00
03. BOOK CATALOG 2 (1974) 92pp., Side stapled. Shows use, good. 5.00
04. BOOK CATALOG 2 (n.d., 1979?) 120pp., yellow wraps. Very good. 6.00
05. BOOK CATALOG NO. 2, THE “MAGIC INK” LINE OF BOOK CATALOGS. (n.d., late 1980’s), 266pp., index, 4to. Plastic comb bound. VG. 6.00
06. BOOK CATALOG 3 (1979 or ’80?) 104 pp., 8vo. Wraps. 5.00
07. 80’S MAGIC BOOKS (1980) 68pp. Green wraps. Good. 4.00
08. MAGIC INC. PRESENTS BOOK CATALOG NO. 3. (n.d., circa 1990), 146pp.(+ order blanks), index, 4to. Plastic comb bound. VG. 6.00
18. CATALOG NO. 18 172pp., 8vo. Yellow wraps. Very good. 6.00
20. CATALOGUE NO. 20 272pp. (+index), 8vo. Unbound but punched and tied with binders twine. Good. 6.00
21. CATALOGUE NO. 21. 352pp., 8vo. Unbound and tied. Good. 5.00
23. CATALOG NO. 23. 436pp. in seven parts. Each part in separate wraps. Very good. 10.00
23-a. CATALOG 23, PART 6. 62pp., 8vo. Wraps. Very good. 2.00
24. GENERAL TRICK CATALOG #24 (n.d.) 327 pp., illus., 4to. Comb bound. Very good. 6.00
26529. [Magic Kit] Hill, Gordon. THE PARTY MAGICIAN KIT. New York, Derrydale Books, 1991. 12pp.(+4pp. heavy cardboard punch-out tricks), illus., folio. Colorful pictorial wraps. New. 15.00

26530. MAGIC MADE EASY., n.p., n.d. (1940’s?) 32pp., illus., 12mo.Wraps. Very good. 5.00

26531-a. [The Magic Show] PLAYBILL. (November 1977) Program for THE MAGIC SHOW starring Joseph Adalbo at the Cort Theatre, New York City. Near fine. 10.00

26538. Montandon, Roger and Logan Wait. NOT PRIMIGENIAL. Tulsa, OK, Montandon Magic, 1942. 19pp., illus., 8vo. Wraps. Letter ( 5/18/43) from E.G. Ervin to Logan Wait laid in. Very good. 10.00

26539. [M.U.M.] GOLDEN JUBILEE ISSUE. Vol. 50: No. 7 (December, 1960). 186pp., 8vo. Wraps. Good. 5.00

26542. New England Magician’s Convention, New Haven, CT.

06. 6TH ANNUAL CONVENTION (Program) Sheraton Park Plaza, New Haven, 1973. 12pp., 8vo. Very good. 6.00
08. 8TH ANNUAL CONVENTION (Program) New Haven, 1975. 4pp., 8vo. Very good. 3.00
26543. New York State Conclave of Magicians. Souvenir programs from the annual meetings of the years 1932, 1935, 1947, 1948, 1957. Very good. All six as a lot. 30.00

26543-a. [Osborne, Tom] Magicians Guild of America, Inc. Presents: THE TOM OSBORNE LECTURE. Hotel Prince George, 14 East 28th St., New York, NY, Thursday Evening, October 15, 1953. 10pp., illus., 4to. 8.5 x 11 sheets corner stapled with Magicians Guild cover. VG. 6.00

26544. Owen Magic/Owen Magic Supreme. Los Angeles/Azusa/Alhambra, CA. 1933-Present. Carl and Emmett Owen, 1933-55; Carl Owen, 1955-60; John Daniel, 1960-63; Les Smith, 1963-?.

Sorry, all Owens catalogs are currently out of stock.

26546. PHOBIA. [Card/packet routine w/ a kicker] (Kevin Wade, Out Of Sight Creations, Miami, OK, 1999.) 11pp. ms., 8vo. Wraps. Phobia cards (11), envelope, gimmick. New. 15.00

26547. [Reneaux, James] Magicians Guild of America, Inc. Presents: James Reneaux in “TRICKS OF THE TRADE”. Thursday Evening, February 19th, 1953 at 8:00 P.M. Prince George Hotel, 14 East 28th St., New York City. 10pp., illus., 4to. 8.5 x 11 sheets corner stapled with Magicians Guild cover. VG. 6.00

26549. Richards, Paul. THE CLOSE-UP INSIDER: THE MIKE GALLO LECTURE., Paul Richards, 1996. 15pp., illus., 8vo. Paper wraps. VG. 9.00

26551. Robbins, D. MAGIC: NEW AND UNUSUAL ENTERTAINMENT. NY, D. Robbins, n.d. (c. 1944). 12pp., illus., 8vo. Wraps. Very good. 3.00

26555. [Siegfried & Roy] BEYOND BELIEF. (Souvenir program from the Frontier Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV). Washington, DC, Sells-Floto, 1981. 32pp., illus. (full color), 4to. Spine stapled in full color wraps. Fine. 16.00

26555. [Siegfried and Roy] BEYOND BELIEF (Souvenir Program from the Frontier Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV) Washington, DC, Sells-Floto, 1986. 32pp., illus.(full color), 4to. Pictorial full color wraps. Post cards stapled in. Fine. 14.00

26557. [Siegfried & Roy] “The Royal White Tigers of Siegfried & Roy.” (Giveaway brochure from the Mirage, Las Vegas). Eight panel brochure, illus., 4.25 x 9, full color. Fine. 3.00

26558. Silk King Studios. Wynnewood, PA; Cincinnati, OH. 1929-mid 1980’s. Harold R. and Thelma Rice.

24. CATALOG NO. 24. (late 1940’s) 19pp., illus., 8vo. Wraps. Two price updates laid in. VG. 5.00
26. CATALOG NO. 26. 32pp., illus., 8vo. Wraps. Price list laid in. VG. 5.00
27. CATALOG NO. 27. 32pp., illus., 8vo. Wraps. VG. 4.00
26559. Silkie, Joe. JOE SILKIE’S SILKY SMOOTH PREDICTION (Booklet and gimmicked cards)., Meir Yedid Magic, 2000. Booklet–4pp., illus., 8vo. Single sheet. Gimmicked cards laid in. As new. 8.00

26560. Society of American Magicians, New York, 1902-present.

26561. STARS OF MAGIC. New York, Stars of Magic, 1945-1952.

02. DAI VERNON’S KANGAROO COINS. (Series 2, No. 4) 4pp., Good. 3.00
04. THE ITINERANT PASTEBOARDS by Dr. Jacob Daley. (Series 7, No.2) Good. 3.00
26562. [Stevens, Joe] Cover photo (signed/inscribed) and inside feature story in MUM (April, 1986). Magazine is complete and fine. 4.00

26563. Steven’s Magic Emporium, Wichita, KS. 1975-present. Catalogs range from 40-100+ pp. and typically contain a feature story about a magic personality.

01. November, 1986 (Siegfried & Roy on cover-Steven’s family feature). Fine. 3.00
02. Winter 1987-88 (Finn Jon) Fine. 3.00
03. Summer 1988 (Copperfield) 4.00
04. Summer 1989 (John Gaughan) and Winter ’89/’90 (Irene Larsen). Both at… 5.00
05. Winter 1989 (Dr. Robert Albo) 3.00
06. Winter ’89/’90 (Irene Larsen) 3.00
07. Summer/Fall ’90 (Harry Anderson) and Winter/Spring ’90/’91 (Christian Fechner) Both as a lot… 5.00

26564. Stone, David. MADE IN FRANCE (Lecture Notes). Paris, David Stone, 2001. 28pp., illus., 8vo. Wraps. New. 10.00

26567. [Tannen] Louis Tannen Inc. New York, NY. Louis Tannen/Tony Spina. 1938-present. (Please note: We have multiple copies of many of the following catalogs and will always send the best copy available. If you discover any pages are cut or missing, or if you are disatisfied in any way, any catalog–or for that matter any item you buy from us–can be returned for refund or credit.)

06. CATALOG OF MAGIC NO. 6 (1966) 542pp. Blue pictorial cloth. VG. 15.00
07. CATALOG OF MAGIC NO. 7 (1969) 542pp. Black pictorial cloth. VG. 15.00
09. CATALOG OF MAGIC NO. 9 (1971) 573pp. Red pictorial cloth. VG. 14.00
10. CATALOG OF MAGIC NO. 10 (1973) 572pp. Green pictorial cloth. VG. 12.00
11. CATALOG OF MAGIC NO. 11 (1975) 647pp. White pictorial cloth. VG. 10.00
12. CATALOG OF MAGIC NO. 12 (1978) 701pp. Brown pictorial cloth. VG. 10.00
13. CATALOG OF MAGIC NO. 13 (1980) 783pp. Black pictorial cloth. VG. 10.00
14. CATALOG OF MAGIC NO. 14 (1983) 799pp. Pictorial (Copperfield) boards. VG. 10.00
15. CATALOG OF MAGIC NO. 15 (1985) 791pp. Pictorial (Blackstone Jr.) boards. VG. 10.00
26568. Tanner, Don. THE DEVIL’S BRIDE ILLUSION: COMPLETE SECRET AND DETAILED DRAWINGS. Columbus, OH, MAK-Magic, 1977. 18pp., illus., 4to. 8.5 x 11 sheets comb bound in covers. New. 10.00

26571. THUNDERSTAFF (Selected card discovery). Tenyo, Tokyo, 1985. Flag cards, staff, illustrated instructions by Gary Ouellet in original packaging. New. 6.00

26571-a. Toledo Society of Magicians, IBM Ring 68. TOLEDO SOCIETY OF MAGICIANS SILVER ANNIVERSARY. (Souvenir program) Toledo, 1997. 24pp., illus., 8vo. Wraps. VG+. 5.00

26572. TRIPLE VISION [Three card prediction] (David Regal) Prediction cards from blue deck match those selected from red back deck. Instructions (2pp) and red and blue backed bicycle decks. As new. 15.00

26574. [Van Burch, Kirby]. VanBurch and Wellford tri-fold advertising brochure. Magical Mansion, Branson, MO. Fine. 3.00

26576-a. Wiberg, Don. DON WIBERG NOTES. (Lecture notes), n.p., n.d. 16pp., illus., 8vo. Paper wraps. Inscribed/signed. VG. 4.00

26577. Witt, Wittus (comp.) GELBE ZAUBERSEITEN INTERNATIONAL MAGIC YELLOW PAGES 99-01. Krefeld, Wittus Witt, 1999. 176pp., illus., 8vo. Papbnd. in heavy covers. VG. 7.00

26584. ZONE INFINITY: THE KEY TO ILLUSION. [Penetration] (Atsushi Fukano, Tenyo) Instructions (4pp.), key and case. As new. 10.00