Magical Miscellany: Part 1

27651. Abbott’s Magic Company. Colon, MI. 1933-present. One of the largest mail order houses and manufacturers of magic apparatus in the U.S. Founder/owners/managers: Percy Abbott 1933-1959; Recil Bordner 1959-1981; Greg Bordner 1981-present. All catalogs are in good used condition or better unless otherwise described. Former owner names or marginal notes are not noted. Price lists will be laid in when available.

09. CATALOG NO. 9. 1947. 832pp., 8vo. 12.00
13. CATALOG NO. 13. 1952. (300pp.), 8vo. Comb bound. 10.00
15. CATALOG NO. 15. 1960? 476pp., 8vo. 10.00
18. CATALOG NO. 18. 1969. 442pp., 4to. 10.00
20. CATALOG NO. 20. 1972. 457pp., 4to. 10.00
21. CATALOG NO. 21. 1976. 502pp., 4to. 9.00
22. CATALOG NO. 22. 1982. 447pp., 4to. 8.00
23. CATALOG NO. 23. 1987. 506pp., 4to. 8.00
24. CATALOG NO. 24. 539pp., 4to. 8.00

27652. [Ammar, Michael] “Michael Ammar.” (Poster) L & L Publishing Promo for Magic of Michael Ammar. 17 x 11. Excellent condition. $8.00

27653. Atkins, Jeffrey. MAGIC MEDLEY: THE JEFFREY ATKINS LECTURE. (New Orleans, 1971). Bideford. Devon, Eng., Supreme Magic CO., 1971. 16 pp., illus., 8vo. Saddle stapled in glossy printed wraps. 4.00

27658. [Barrie, The Great] “The Great Barrie – Originator Sawing a woman in half.” (Poster) English reproduction, full color. Victoria and Albert Museum, 1985. Poster size 31.24 x 20. Excellent condition. $25.00

27659-01. Binarelli, Tony. PLAYMAGIC 2 (Lecture Notes). Rome, Tony Binarelli, 1979. (16pp.), illus., 4to. Wraps. New. 12.00

27659-02. Binarelli, Tony. PLAYMAGIC 2 (Lecture Notes). Rome, Tony Binarelli, 1979. (16pp.), illus., 4to. Wraps. Former owner name, o/w VG.8.00

27661. Bobo, J.B. THE J.B. BOBO LECTURE DEMONSTRATION. Colon, Abbott’s, n.d. 5pp., 4to. Side stapled under binders’s tape. Some notations; cover creased; o/w quite good. 5.00

27661-a. Bobo, J.B. THE BOBO LECTURE NO. TWO., n.p., n.d. 10pp., illus., 4to. 8.5 x 11 sheets top stapled. Some penciled notes, o/w VG. 6.00

27661-b. Bobo, J.B. MAGICAL VARIETIES (Lecture) Conference), by the author, 1953. 6pp., 8vo. Wraps. Good. 4.00

27661-c. Bobo, J.B. THE BOBO LECTURE: MIRACLES OF MAGIC., n.p., n.d. 11pp., illus., 4to. 8.5 x 11 sheets corner stapled. VG. 6.00

27663. [Boyar, Vynn] Magicians Guild of America, Inc. “SLEIGHTS, SECRETS AND SUGGESTIONS” A Lecture–Presented by Vynn Boyar. Sponsored by The Magicians Guild of America, Inc. Hotel Prince George, New York City. December 7, 1953. 12pp., illus., 4to. 8.5 x 11 sheets corner stapled with Magicians Guild cover. VG. 6.00

27665. [British Ring No. 25] SOUTHPORT SORCERY. BRITISH RING NO. 25, 49th ANNUAL CONVENTION. (Souvenir Program) Southport, 1985. 44pp., illus., 8vo. Wraps. VG. 5.00

27667. [Brown, Bob] “Bob Brown and Brenda,” (Poster) Japanese Tour Poster. Full color portrait. Japanese ideograms. 24 x 18. Excellent condition. $15

27669-02. Buckingham, Geoffrey. LECTURE NOTES., Geoffrey Buckingham, n.d. 19pp., illus., 8vo. Wraps. Signed. Former owner name,o/w VG. 5.00

27669-03. Buckingham, Geoffrey. LECTURE NOTES., Geoffrey Buckingham, n.d. (Although undated, it has the penciled notation “S.C.A., 1970) 19pp., illus., 8vo. Paper wraps. Signed by Buckingham. VG. 5.00

27671. Bullivant, Cecil H. BOY’S OWN HANDBOOK. Leicester, Magna Books, 1994. (Reprint of 1930’s busy book). 553pp., illus., index, 8vo. Pictorial boards in DJ. Several sections on magic, games, etc., inc. a “black art” table. New. 18.00

27672. [Burton, Lance] “Lance Burton – Master Magician” (Poster) Limited edition #374 out of 5,000 put out by Monte Carlo, Las Vegas. Full color. Poster size 24 x 18. Excellent condition. $20

27673. [Calendar] PLAYING CARDS AT THE VICTORIA & ALBERT MUSEUM. (1998 Calendar) Boston, Graphique de France, 1997. 24pp., illus., 4to. 12″ x 12″ wraps opening to 12″ x 24″ as calendar. Near fine. 7.00

27675. [Carrandi, Mario] Mario Carrandi Antiquarian Magic, Belle Mead, NJ.

43. CATALOG # 43. 1996. 40pp., illus. 8vo. Wraps. Near fine. 5.00
27676. [Chambly] “Chambly’s Mysterey” (Poster) The Great Illusionist Chambly. Rare reproduction, Netherlands (R Verkerke repro). Beautiful full color poster showing various illusions. Excellent condition. 30 x 20.5. $30.00

27677. Charles, Kirk. MIXED BAG OF TRICKS LECTURE. (Lecture Notes from the Vancouver Magic Circle 2002.) 10pp., 4to. 8.5 x 11 sheets , side stapled. New. 6.00

27677-01. Charles, Kirk. TRICKED AND TRICKED AGAIN: LECTURE NOTES. Seattle, Kirk Charles, 1991. 18pp., 4to. 8.5 x 11 comb bound in plastic covers.New 10.00

27679. Chicago Magic Company. Chicago, IL. 1914-1941? Magic shop. Proprietor: Ralph W. Read. Formerly Read and Calvert, successors to Roterberg. 01. CATALOG NO. 19 (1948) 160pp., illus., 8vo. Yellow wraps. VG. 14.00

27679-a. [Clark, Tony] “Tony Clark – Contemporary Classical Conjuring” (Poster) Black and white portrait. Circa 1992. 18.5 x 13.25. Excellent condition. $8.00

27681. Colombini, Aldo. FIRST IMPRESSIONS [Lecture Notes]. Thousand Oaks, CA, Mamma Mia Magic, 1999. 28pp., illus., 4to. Wraps. New. 15.00

27683. COPPER/SILVER/BRASS (Coin routine/props) Sasco, Inc. Chinese coin, 20 Centavo coin, Chinese shell, Quarter/Centavo double. W/ 1 page of instructions. As new. 16.00

27685. Cotswold Magical Society. 4TH ANNUAL ASSEMBLY (Souvenir Programme). Cheltenham, 1947. 48pp., illus., 8vo. Wraps. Back cover has glue residue from scrapbook, o/w VG. 12.00

27685. [Dante (Harry Jansen) 1983-1955] Dante (Moi-Yo). (Poster) Pomeroy, OH, Lee Jacobs. Reprint of Dante window card; verso features Dante bio, advertising pieces and Moi-Yo Miller photo. Two color, 14 x 22. New. 5.00

27687. Daryl. NEW MILLENNIUM WORLD TOUR LECTURE NOTES. Las Vegas, Daryl, 1999. 24pp., illus., 8vo. Glossy colored wraps. New. 15.00

27689. DeSouza, Marc. DeSOUZA’S DECEPTIONS COMPANION VIDEO: THE MAGIC OF MARC DeSOUZA. (Videocassette). Longueuil, QC, Camirand Academy of Magic, 2000. VHS. 58 minutes. New. 20.00

27690. [Dickson, Abb] “Presto!” (Poster) Abb Dickson, A Magic Spectacular Tour poster. Blue metallic silver color. Thumb tack prints on border. 27.75 x 21.75. $30

27691. Douglas Magicland. Dallas, TX.

Sorry, no copies available at the moment.

27693. [Dunninger] Article “Popular Magic” (3pp., illus.) by Dunninger from MECHANICS AND HANDICRAFT (August, 1937). Clips only. Some discoloration, o/w good. 5.00

27693-01. [Dunninger, Joseph, 1892-1975] Dunninger “Radio” poster. (Poster) Pomeroy, OH, Lee Jacobs. Reprint of 1930’s window card. Verso features newspaper article and photo reprints. 14 x 22; two color. New. 5.00

27695. Dusheck, Steve, Jr. COIN CARD. (Instructions w/o props) Hazelton, PA, Steve Dusheck, n.d. 2pp., illus., 8vo. 8.5 x 11 sheets top stapled in wraps folded to 8vo. VG. 3.00

27697. El Duco’s Magic. Malmo, Sweden. 1977-present. Christer Gustavsson. Manufacturer and mail order dealer.

01.EXCLUSIVE EFFECTS (1977) Four fold advertising brochure; NEWSLIST 1979. Single sheet bifold; and EL DUCO NEWS (No. 1, 1980) single sheet. As a lot. 3.00

27701. Emerson, Arthur. THE SECOND EVENING AT THE MAGIC CIRCLE., n.p., n.d. (22pp.), illus., 4to. 8.5 x 11 sheets three-hole punched and corner stapled. Inscribed/ signed. VG. 5.00

26469. Fleshman, Dan. CLOSE-UP WITH DAN FLESHMAN: LECTURE NO. TWO. St. Louis, Dan Fleshman, n.d. (23pp.), illus., 4to. 8.5 x 11 sheets in plastic spine binder. VG+. 5.00

26470. Florida’s Magician’s Association. 17TH ANNUAL MAGIC CONVENTION. (Program) Palm Beach, FL., John Lawrence McKissock Ring Number 117, 1982. 20pp., illus., 4to. Printed (great cover!) wraps, saddle stapled. As issued. 3.00

26472. Frost, Ronnie. RONNIE FROST’S LECTURE NOTES., n.p., n.d. 13pp., illus., 8vo. Wraps. VG+. 4.00

26477. Gibson, Walter B. SECRETS OF MAGIC. NY, William C. Popper & Co., 1945. 5pp., illus., 12mo. Blue pictorial wraps. Fine. 8.00

26479. Goldston, Will. CARD & BALL TRICKS WITH PATTER. London, Will Goldston Ltd., (1916?). 8pp. (but p. 4/5 missing), illus., 8vo. Paper wraps. Missing one sheet, some chipping, o/w fairly good. 8.00

26482. LE GRAND DAVID AND HIS OWN SPECTACULAR MAGIC COMPANY. [Program] Beverly, MA, Cabot Street Cinema Theatre, 1986. 24pp., illus., 4to. Glossy pictorial wraps. Near fine. 10.00

26483. [“Le Grand David Spectacular Magic Company,” 1977-present] Article, cover photo and complete 800th performance program in GENII (January, 1984). Magazine is complete and fine. 5.00

26484. Grant, U.F. “Gen,” 1901-1978] Dealer/Manufacturer. New York/Columbus, OH. 1925-70’s.

No catalogs available at the moment.

26490. Hartman, Jerard K. MEANS AND ENDS., by the author, 1973. 82pp., illus., 4to. 8.5 x 22 ms. In Duo Tang folder. 4th ms. in series. Small water spot on title page and back page. Cover roughed a little at edges; o/w very good. 15.00

26491. Hartman, Jerard K. ODD LIFTS., by the author, 1971. 25pp., illus., 4to. 8.5 x 11 ms. In Duo Tang folder. 2nd ms. in series. Very good. 12.00

26492. Hartman, Jerard K. PACKET MAGIC., by the author, 1972. 68pp., illus., 4to. 8.5 x 11 ms. In characteristic blue folder. 3rd ms. in series. Edges roughed a bit; o/w very good. 15.00

26493. Hartman, Jerard K. SECRET SUBTRACTION., by the author, 1970. 22pp., illus., 4to. 8.5 x 11 ms in blue Duo Tang folder. 1st ms in series. Very good. 12.00

26494. Heaney Magic Company. Berlin, WI. Gerald V. Heaney. (fl. 1920’s).

02. HEANEY’S PROFESSIONAL CATALOG OF WONDERS (CATALOG NO.24). 96pp., illus., 8vo. Wraps. Spots/creases on cover, o/w quite good. 10.00
04. HEANEY MAGIC COMPANY CATALOGUE NO. 25. 224pp., illus., 12mo. Papbnd. Dampstained, still VG. 10.00

26495. Holden, Max. MANUAL OF JUGGLING. Chicago, Magic, Inc., 1978. 47pp., illus., 8vo. Wraps. Very good. 5.00

26496l. [Holmes] Donald Holmes. Kansas City, MO (fl. 1920’s)

Sorry, all Holmes catalogs are currently out of stock.

26497. [Houdini] HOUDINI: THE GREATEST ILLUSIONIST OF ALL TIME. (VHS videocassette) 1987, USA, The Congress Video Group. With Doug Henning. Color/BW, 30 min. New, still shrink wrapped. 19.00

26497-a. [Houdini, Harry] Facsimile press book reprint from Houdini’s “THE MAN FROM BEYOND”. As released by Houdini Picture Corporation in 1922. (No reprint source or date.) 20pp., illus., pictorial wraps. Folio, 11 x 16. Near mint. 65.00

26498. [Houdini] THE HOUDINI SOUVENIR PROGRAM. Pomeroy, OH, Lee Jacobs Productions, 1979. (facsimile reproduction of 1925 program). 16pp. + three sets of printed wraps, illus., 4to. Saddle stapled in wraps as noted. New. 9.00

26498-a. [Houdini, Harry] Article, “The Great Houdini, A Biography in Comics” (5pp., illus.) in CHILDREN’S DIGEST (October, 1952). Magazine is complete, but front cover and spine paper have several chips; some browning, o/w good. 5.00

26498-b. [Houdini, Harry] Article, “Houdini, El Gran Desenmascarador” (5pp., illus.) by Miguel Angel Sabadell in MUY INTERESANTE (No. 249–Febrero, 2002). Magazine is complete and fine. 15.00

26500. IBIDEM EVENTS POTPOURRI ’84 (Program). Niagra on the Lake, Ontario, 1984. 14pp., 4to. Comb bound. VG. 5.00

26501. [Illusion Plans.] Bideford, Supreme Magic Company, 1955. 3-6pp., illus., 4to. Wraps. Some light dampstains, otherwise quite good.

26501. International Brotherhood of Magicians. Kenton, OH. 1922-present.

31. 31ST ANNUAL IBM/SAM CONVENTION–3RD COMBINED WORLD CONGRESS OF MAGIC (Souvenir program). Chicago, 1959. 92pp., illus., 8vo. Wraps. VG. 18.00
46. INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF MAGICIANS ’74/46TH ANNUAL CONVENTION (Souvenir program). Dayton, OH, 1974. 24pp., illus., 4to. Wraps. VG+. 15.00
69. INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF MAGICIANS 69TH ANNUAL CONVENTION (Souvenir program). Minneapolis, MN, 1997. 32pp., illus., 4to. Wraps. VG+. 12.00
70. INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF MAGICIANS 70TH ANNUAL CONVENTION (Souvenir program). Los Angeles, 1998. 32pp., illus., 4to. Wraps. VG+. 12.00
71. INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF MAGICIANS 71ST ANNUAL CONVENTION (Souvenir program). Little Rock, AR, 1999. 44pp., illus., 4to. Wraps. VG+. 12.00
26503. [Ireland, Laurie L.] IRELAND’S YEARBOOK FOR 1948. Chicago, Ireland Magic Company, 1948. 38pp., illus., 4to. Side stapled in covers. Cover lightly soiled, o/w VG. 6.00

26504. Johnson Smith & Company. Detroit, MI.

01. 250 PARLOR TRICKS OR MAGIC MADE EASY. Detroit, MI, Johnson Smith & Company, n.d. (1940’s). (32pp.), illus., 12mo. Wraps. VG. 15.00

26505-a. [Johnstone, George] Promo tape for GEORGE JOHNSTONE TALKS. (VHS videocassette) 1993, USA, The Idea Machine, Inc. Color. 18:00 min. Very good. 8.00

26509. Kanter’s Magic Shop. Philadelphia, PA, 1934-1962.

09. NO. 9. Missing front cover, o/w very good. 8.00

10. CATALOG…NO. 10. (1958). 408pp., wraps. 8vo. Good. 8.00

26511. [Kirkwood the Magician (Robert K. “Bobby” Spencer)] “IT’S AMAZING!” KIRKWOOD THE MAGICIAN’S 50TH ANNIVERSARY ALL-STAR SHOW. (Souvenir program) Scottsville-on-the-James, VA, Sept. 15, 1995. 12pp., illus., 4to. Pictorial wraps. Fine. 4.00

26512. [Lee] Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. Boston; Medford, MA. 1975-present. Hank Lee.

02. CATALOG OF MAGIC NO. 8. (1990). 417pp., illus., index, 4to. Perfect bnd. Fine. 7.00
04. BOOK BOOK. (1995). 77pp., 4to. Wraps. Some minor markings, o/w VG. 4.00
26513. Lewis, Martin. MARTIN LEWIS’ 2001 LECTURE NOTES. Moreno Valley, CA, Magikraft Studios, 2001. 31pp., illus., 4to. Comb bound. VG+. 8.00

26513-a. Lewis, Trevor. CLOSE UP LECTURE NOTES., Trevor Lewis, n.d. 24pp., illus., 8vo. Paper wraps. Signed. VG+. 5.00

26515. Lindhorst, Will L. DICK DARING’S NEW BAG OF TRICKS. Chicago, Reilly & Lee, 1934. 64pp., illus., 12mo. Paperbound. The sequel to the 1933 version-still a premium for Quaker Oats. Some erased pencil marks on title page, o/w very good. $20.00