Fantasy Fiction with Magic

Novels, Plays, Poems, Short Stories, Comics & other forms of serious or popular literature featuring a Magician or written by a Magician which includes Magic Tricks, Characters, Principles or Themes. We've even drifted to include circus, carnival, con artistry, gambling and related items.
27291. Alexander, Sue. .WORLD FAMOUS MURIEL AND THE MAGIC MYSTERY. (Juvenile fiction with a magic theme) New York, Thomas Y. Crowell, 1990. First edition.

27292. Alter, Robert Edmond. CARNY KILL. New York, Vintage Books, 1993. (Reprint of the 1966 edition). 146pp., 8vo. Paperbound. Devious and pungent crime fiction in a carnival setting. New. 7.00

27293. Barnum, Vance. JOE STRONG THE BOY WIZARD OR THE MYSTERIES OF MAGIC EXPOSED (Magic fiction). Racine, WI, Whitman Publishing, n.d.(circa 1920's) 215pp., 12mo. Pictorial cloth. Cover lightly soiled; pages yellowed as typical; o/w a VG copy. 20.00

27294. Bedford, Martyn. THE HOUDINI GIRL. (Fiction with a magic theme) New York, Pantheon Books, 1998. 310pp., 8vo. Cloth/boards in dj. Professional magician, Fletcher Brandon, explores the the life (and after-life?) of his lover, tragically killed in a freak accident. Chock full of magical tidbits. As new. 18.00

27294-a. Bradley, Marion Zimmer. THE CATCH TRAP. (Fiction with a circus theme) New York, Galantine Books, 1979. 589pp., 8vo. Cloth/boards in dj. VG. 10.00

27295. Carleton, Will. CITY FESTIVALS. New York, Harper and Brothers, 1900. 191pp., illus., 12mo. Pictorial cloth. Contains the 34pp. poem "Festival of the Freaks"--offering a lively account of the lives of the sideshow talker, the giant, the dwarf, bearded lady, bridge-jumper and others. Near fine. 20.00

27397. Copperfield, David and Janet Berliner. DAVID COPPERFIELD'S TALES OF THE IMPOSSIBLE. NY, Harper Prism, 1995. 383pp., illus., author bios, 8vo. Cloth/boards in dj. New. 15.00

27398. Davies, Robertson. FIFTH BUSINESS. NY, Signet, 1971. 238pp., 12mmo. Paperbound. Well read, but good. 4.00

27400. Davis, Richard Harding. VERA THE MEDIUM and MISS CIVILIZATION (A COMEDY IN ONE ACT). New York, Charles Scribner's Sons, 1910. 215pp., illus. (frontis. only), 12mo. Red cloth. Spine slightly faded, a few pages opened roughly, o/w a clean, tight copy. 15.00

27401. Dowd, J.H. PEOPLE OF IMPORTANCE. London, Country Life, Ltd., 1948. 79pp., illus. w/ pencil drawings, 4to. Pictorial cloth in dj. Includes a circus story and the "Conjuror's Hook". Dj is chipped in several places, including a missing 2" x 2" square on the back side and top portion of spine, o/w VG. 10.00

27402. Duncan, Thomas W. GUS THE GREAT Philadelphia, J.B. Lippincott, 1947. First edition. 703pp., 8vo. Blue cloth in tattered dj. Except for dj, VG. 10.00

27403. Duncan, Thomas W. GUS THE GREAT. Philadelphia, J.B. Lippincott, 1947. 703pp., 8vo. Blue cloth. Light foxing and some general exterior wear, VG. 8.00

27405. Firewood, Elisabeth Hamilton. CIRCUS SEQUINS. (Fiction with a circus theme) Garden City, Doubleday, 1968. 239pp., 8vo. Tattered dj in pictorial boards, o/w VG. 6.00

27408. Gardner, John.MAESTRO New York, Otto Penzler Books, 1993. First American Edition. 610pp., 8vo. Cloth/boards in dj. As new. 16.00

27409. Gaskell, Mrs. CRANFORD. (Fiction featuring a magician) New York, Thomas Y. Crowell & Company, 1899. 320pp., illus.(includ. full-page color plates), 12mo. Victorian gilt decorated cloth. "The magician, Signor Brunoni, has a chapter to himself and is depicted by the book's illustrator." (DM) Ex library with pockets removed; some blind stamping; lightly spotted and worn on spine; o/w bright outside and very clean inside. 32.00

27410. Gaskell, Mrs. CRANFORD. Philadelphia, Henry Altemus Company, n.d. 294pp., 12mo. Bound in limp leather. Discolored at extremities and worn; interior a bit brittle at edges; o/w quite good. 9.00

27412. Goldman, William. MAGIC. New York, Dell Publishing, 1977. 253pp., 12mo. Paperbound. VG. 3.00

27412-a. Goulart, Ron. COMIC BOOK CULTURE: AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY. Portland, OR, Collectors Press, Inc., 2000. First edition. 204pp., illus., bibliog., wide 4to. Cloth in dj. Near fine. 15.00

27413. Hammett, Dashiell. DASHIELL HAMMETT: FIVE COMPLETE NOVELS. New York, Avenel Books, 1980. 726pp., brief bio, 8vo. Cloth in DJ. Includes THE DAIN CURSE. Near fine. 12.00

27414. Hazo, Samuel. THE WANTON SUMMER AIR. San Francisco, North Point Press, 1982. 211pp., 8vo. Cloth in dj. Novel about a traveling circus with the usual cast of characters. VG. 9.00

27415. Hjortsberg, William. NEVERMORE. New York, Atlantic Monthly Press, 1994. First edition. 289pp., 8vo. Boards in DJ. Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle embroiled with spiritualism and serial killers. New. 16.00

27416. Houdini, Harry (Compiled and edited by Patrick Culliton and T.L. Williams). HOUDINI'S STRANGE TALES: A COLLECTION OF FICTION., Kieran Press, 1992. 96pp., illus., 4to. Papbnd. Signed by Culliton. As new. 15.00

27417. Houdini, Harry (Compiled and edited by Patrick Culliton and T.L. Williams). HOUDINI'S STRANGE TALES: A COLLECTION OF FICTION., Kieran Press, 1992. 96pp., illus., 4to. Papbnd. As above, but inscribed to Bob Parrish and signed by both Culliton and Williams. Near fine. 18.00

27418. Howe, James. HAROLD AND CHESTER IN RABBIT-CADABRA. (Children's book) New York, Morrow Junior Books, 1993. 50pp., illus., 4to. Pictorial boards in dj. Includes two pages of punch-out magic props. New. 12.00

27419. Hunt, David. THE MAGICIAN'S TALE. (Magic themed fiction) New York, G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1997. 406pp., 8vo. Cloth/boards in dj. New. 18.00


27421. Kerr, M.E. FELL DOWN. (Fiction with a magic or related theme) New York, Harper Collins/A Charlotte Zolotow Book, 1991. 191pp., 8vo. Boards in dj. Mysterious disappearance at the 10th ConVENTion of American Ventriloquists. New. 12.00

27422. McBain, Ed. THREE COMPLETE 87TH PRECINCT NOVELS: TRICKS, ICE, 8 BLACK HORSES. New York, Wings Books, 1992. 528pp., 8vo. Cloth/ boards in DJ. As new. 16.00

27423. McCully, Emily Arnold. LITTLE KIT, OR THE INDUSTRIOUS FLEA CIRCUS GIRL. NY, Dial Books for Young Readers, 1995. First edition. 32pp., illus., 4to. Pictorial boards in dj. Children's book. As new. 10.00

27424. McInery, Ralph. ABRACADAVER (A FATHER DOWLING MYSTERY). New York, St. Martin's Press, 1989. 164pp., 8vo. Cloth in dj. Near fine. 10.00

27425. McInery, Ralph. ABRACADAVER (A FATHER DOWLING MYSTERY). New York, St. Martin's Press, 1989. (Large Print Book Club edition). 260pp., 8vo. Cloth/boards in dj. VG. 10.00

27426. MacLean, Alistair. CIRCUS. New York, Doubleday, 1975. 192pp., 8vo. Boards in DJ. Hair-raising, high wire espionage and suspense. Good. 6.00

27428. Moore, Brian. THE MAGICIAN'S WIFE. (Magic themed fiction) New York, Dutton, 1998. 229pp., 8vo. Cloth/boards in dj. Based on the story of Robert-Houdin's battle of wits with the Bedouins. New. 18.00

27429. More, Hannah. SHEPHERD OF SALISBURY PLAIN AND OTHER TALES. New York, H.W. Deby, 1861. 489pp., 12mo. Marbled boards, leather spine. Contains the chapbook tale Tawney Rachel; or he Fortune Teller with some Accounts of Dreams, Omens and Conjurors. VG. 35.00

27430. Murray, William. THE GETAWAY BLUES. New York, Bantam Books, 1990. 218pp., 8vo. Cloth in DJ. Another Shifty Lou Anderson novel. Ex library, but o/w good. 14.00

27434. Otis, Taylor. TOBY TYLER. New York, Grosset & Dunlap, 1967. 183pp., illus., 8vo. Pictorial boards. Ex library, but still very good. 5.00

27434-a. Otis, James. TOBY TYLER, OR TEN WEEKS WITH A CIRCUS. (Fiction with a circus theme) New York, Books Inc., n.d. 249pp., illus., 8vo. Papbnd. Vintage and VG. 4.00

27435. Patchett, Ann.THE MAGICIAN'S ASSISTANT. (Fiction with a magic theme) New York, Harcourt Brace and Company, 1997. First edition. 359pp., 8vo. Cloth/boards in dj. What is to become of a magician's assistant without her magician? She may be something of a magician herself. New. 15.00

27441. Quindt, William. DER TIGER AKBAR. Hamburg, Deutscher Literatur-Verlag, 1979. 269pp., 12mo. Paperbound. Magic? Carnival? Let me know, if so. Fine. 4.00

27442. Ray, David. ADVENTURES OF A PSYCHIC. (Short stories) Stevens Point, WI, Owl Press, 1992. 34pp., illus., 8vo. Wraps. Signed. New. 5.00

27444. Satterthwait, Walter. ESCAPADE. (Fiction) New York, St. Martin's Press, 1995. First edition. 355pp., 8vo. "A witty re-crearion of a stately home murder among an eclectic gathering of weekend houseguests, including flappers, dowagers, paid companions, and the likes of Harry Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. New. 16.00

27446. Shine, Frances L. CONJUROR'S JOURNAL: EXCERPTS FROM THE JOURNAL OF JOSHUA MEDLEY, CONJUROR, JUGGLER, VENTRILOQUIST, AND SOMETIME BALLOONIST. (Magic fiction) New York, Dodd Mead & Company, 1978. First ed. 236pp., 8vo. Cloth in dj. Novel based on the life of the Colonial conjuror Stephen Potter. Near fine. 12.00

27447. Smith, Dinita. THE ILLUSIONIST. (Fiction with a magician character) New York, Simon & Schuster/Scribner Paperback, 1997. 253pp., 8vo. Papbnd. Amateur magician Dean Lily upsets the landscape of this small town as a master of charm and seduction--as well as sleight of hand. New. 9.00

27448. Smith, Dinitia. THE ILLUSIONIST: A NOVEL. New York, Scribner, 1997. 253pp., 8vo. Cloth/boards in dj. The calm of Sparta is broken by the arrival of an androgynous amateur magician, Dean Lily, whose sleights of hand are practiced at the local bar and among the town's female inhabitants. New. 18.00

27449. Smith, Mary-Ann Tirone. MASTERS OF ILLUSION. NY, Warner Books, 1994. 210pp., 8vo. Cloth in dj. A novel of the 1944 Connecticut circus fire. New. 15.00

27453. Strauss, Darin. CHANG AND ENG: A NOVEL. (Fiction with a Side Show theme) New York, Dutton, 2000. First. 224pp., 8vo. Boards in dj. New. 16.00

27455. Theroux, Paul.MILLROY THE MAGICIAN. New York, Random House, 1994. 437pp., 8vo. Cloth in dj. New. 15.00

27456. Tryon, Tom. NIGHT MAGIC. (Fiction with a magic theme) New York, Simon and Scvhuster, 1995. 286pp., 8vo. Cloth/boards in dj. Michael Hawke, a mime/magician street performer glimpses a darker magic in this modern re-telling of THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE. New. 16.00

27457. VAULT OF HORROR (Nos. 12-40). West Plains, MO, Russ Cochran, 1982. (Reprint of all 29 issues of EC's VAULT OF HORROR, April-May, 1950 through January, 1955.) illus., historical commentary, folio (9 x 12). Pictorial boards. All five volumes in a pictorial slip case. Slipcase is rubbed along bottom (downside)with wear at extremities; and top face corner has been damaged/repaired with clear tape; some light foxing from dasmpness; o/w set is VG+. 120.00

27458. Von Guenther, Johannes. CAGLIOSTRO. New York, Harper & Brothers, 1929. First edition. 445pp., illus. with striking woodcuts, 8vo. Cloth/boards. Shows some wear, but overall VG. 15.00

27464. Wilson, Edmund. THE DEVILS AND CANON BARHAM. New York, Farrar Straus Giroux, 1973. 1st edition. 235pp., 12mo. Cloth in dj. Contains the very interesting and only partially written novel about a magician, "The Great Baldini." Fie. 25.00

27466. ZATANNA SPECIAL 1. (Comic Book) "Where Magic Begins". DC Comics Inc. New York. Printed. 6 5/8 x 10.5. Special 1 (1987). Fine. 18.00